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Toolkit: Government

This collection consists of tools of particular relevance to governments’ efforts to strengthen their capacity to meaningfully engage with youth in their policy and programmatic work. Tools categorized as belonging to the following domains have been included in this collection: policy alignment, public finance, data, youth engagement in national processes, and multistakeholder coordination.

Explore by Priority Area and Domains

SDG 13: Climate Action and Road Safety


In this Policy Brief, developed and launched by YOURS (Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety), the Brief illustrates the correlation between the two critical issues of road safety and climate action, and how young
people around the world are taking action to address them for a safe and healthy future.

Knowledge Portal on Volunteerism


Knowledge portal to access the latest global, regional and national data and evidence on volunteerism

Opportunities for Youth in Africa (OYA)


Programme committed to accelerating job creation in the agri-food sector. It envisions youth as agripreneurs within Industry 4.0, mediating Africa’s competitive engagement in global agricultural value chains.

U-INSPIRE Alliance


To support disaster risk reduction and resilience building, in line with SDGs and the Sendai Framework
Alliance of youth, young scientists, young professionals working in Science, Engineering, Technology and Innovation (SETI)

SDG 4: Quality Education and Road Safety


In the Policy Brief, developed and launched by YOURS (Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety), the Brief explains how the rights of young people to equal and quality education are often hindered by the lack of safety, security, and inclusivity available in the physical school environment. The Brief presents key data that reveal how the road traffic injuries and fatalities of young people are linked to their journey to and from school. It furthers that many children and youth are vulnerable to injury on their way to school without adequate protection from safe infrastructure, legislation, policies, or safe items such as quality helmets for children traveling by bike or motorcycle and quality car seats and seat belts for children traveling by car or bus.

Youth engagement in the implementation, review and follow-up processes of the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly, and Regular Migration.


The Global Compact is the first inter-governmentally negotiated agreement, prepared under the auspices of the United Nations, covering all dimensions of international migration in a holistic and comprehensive manner.

Solutions for Youth Employment (S4YE)


Multi-stakeholder coalition that aims to provide leadership and resources for catalytic action to increase the number of young people engaged in productive work.

SDG 5 Policy Brief: Gender Equality and Road Safety


In this Policy Brief developed and launched by YOURS (Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety), the policy brief talks about the lack of gender-responsive planning and implementation around mobility systems that prevent gender-based violence. The Brief seeks to highlight how the lack of road safety and safe mobility is also a gender issue that requires gender-responsive and transformative planning to protect and ensure equal access to all genders. It highlights the realities girls and women face while navigating through transport systems not built for them. The data reveal how disproportionately affected women are, not just in access to mobility but in how they are affected if they are ever involved in a road crash.

SDG4 steering committee


UNESCO convenes the SDG-Education 2030 Steering Committee - a democratic, multi-stakeholder partnership - which provides strategic guidance to Member States and the education community, makes recommendations for catalytic action, advocates for financing, and monitors progress.

Global Partnership on Children with Disabilities (Youth Council)


Global multi-stakeholder coalition, platform for collective action and advocacy to ensure that the rights of children with disabilities are included in and prioritized by both the disability and child rights agendas at all levels. oThe Youth Council currently consists of 19 young people with disabilities, including representatives from youth with disabilities-led DPO’s, and youth with and without disabilities rights’ advocates.

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